Activity bonus, AAH, Housing assistance… The CAF takes care of the payment of a majority of benefits on the bank accounts of millions of French people, sometimes for a few tens of euros, often for much more. This month, the Family Allowance Fund will pay the Christmas bonus to its beneficiaries, starting this Thursday, December 15. An exceptional transfer of at least 152.45 euros for all those who are eligible and which will allow them to finalize their purchases of gifts or food for the New Year’s Eve meal.

If this Christmas bonus is a bonus, the allowances are monthly. To raise your child, to rent your accommodation, to compensate for a loss of income… The situations are numerous and many French people are watching for this transfer which they need to live decently. As the Administrative Procedures site explains, CAF publishes a calendar each year to inform its beneficiaries of the date of the next payments, so that they can organize themselves, without unpleasant surprises.

All benefits are paid at the same time of the month, regardless of their nature: RSA, APL, AAH, activity bonus… There is no difference in the day of payment, which generally occurs on the 5th of each month. There are of course exceptions: if the 5th of the month falls on a Sunday or a public holiday, then the payment is shifted to the nearest working day, a Monday or a Friday for example. Please note that the payment you receive corresponds to the previous month, i.e. in January 2023, you will receive your allowances for the month of December 2022. What day will your benefits be paid next year? Check the calendar below to find out.