What is the meaning of these phrases, is every European politician in the Hessian state government is clear. “You can decide. Cabinet reshufflings went up in personal friendships.“ So Prime Minister Volker Bouffier (CDU) said a few months ago about the former Saarland Minister-President and current Federal Chairman of his party, Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer.

Ewald Hetrodt

correspondent of the Rhein-Main-Zeitung in Wiesbaden.

F. A. Z.

From the point of view of the sixty-seven year old has to take a head of government, the human cure, if the political reasons for the substitution of a Minister. The a is lit, is connected in this case with a risk. Because members of the Cabinet who have toiled for many years without major error, and yet from the Prime Minister’s round are referred to, could see this as unjust.

“one Of us lets him none,”

As an ambitious, but brüskierter politician behaves when he is involved in a secret ballot with only a majority of one vote over whether the government should continue to go its way without him? This is one of the issues that could arise if the Hessian state Parliament on may 18. January is over Bouffiers re-election. In addition, the Union politicians will in some moments of the winter holiday thoughts.

He is the insurance of his party friends in the ear. “None of us will forsake him,” said a leading member of the Hesse Union shortly before Christmas, on the sidelines of the signing of the coalition agreement. In his words swung the spirit that held together the country party for decades as a kind of a fighting force. But has not changed the party? Also, the Greens assert that their group Bouffier will definitely choose closed. And yet he will not ignore when drawing up his Cabinet list, a spectacular event completely: In the spring of 2005, the schleswig-Holstein Minister-President Heide Simonis (SPD) had, according to the state election with the Greens and the South Schleswig’s voters ‘ Association (SSW) a majority of one seat. Four times in a row Simonis stood for election four times, and lacked a voice.

At the head of the state Chancellery, Axel winter Meyer, he will keep. This is partly due to its qualities, but also to the fact that Bouffier stands in front of his last parliamentary term, and possibly even before the end of the assigns. He would give his successor time to make their mark before the next state election. In such a situation, if you want to incorporate in our business is not a new force.

Thomas Schäfer as a crown Prince

But also, in principle, Bouffier could not tend to change the Cabinet too much. So he would minimize the risks for his re-election and his successor in a few years, the possibility of a larger shake-up. As crown Prince, the current Finance Minister, Thomas Schäfer.

he’s keeping in his portfolio now, most likely. Also Minister of culture Alexander Lorz may get her hopes up. The same applies to the justice Minister Eva Kühne-Hörmann. She has lost her mandate as a Deputy, and would not co-decide in the case of your resignation from the Cabinet over Bouffiers future. But as a woman and the only representative of North Hesse, in the Cabinet it has a double political life insurance. In principle, unchallenged, the Minister for Federal and European Affairs, Lucia Puttrich. However, you would also, as President of the state Parliament into consideration. As a compromised Minister Peter Beuth look at some of the critics inside. The former Secretary-General of the basic Handicap that the head of the government knows to be a former resort area like the back of his hand and his successor can look particularly carefully at the fingers.