What’s Coming to Netflix in June 2024?

The sun may be taking its time to show up, but the month of June has officially begun. And with a new month comes new additions to the video-on-demand platforms, including Netflix. You’re probably familiar with the routine, but you might not know (yet) what surprises the American streaming giant has in store for you! In any case, a wave of freshness and renewal awaits you starting today with the addition of a variety of movies, series, and documentaries to cater to all types of viewers. Get comfortable and take a look at the (super) program that Netflix has prepared for you this June 2024!

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**New Releases to Discover on Netflix in June**

Netflix, like all other video-on-demand platforms such as Disney Plus, Amazon Prime Video, or Apple TV+, continues to enrich its content catalog throughout the year. Since June has just started, the ritual continues this month as well: feature films, series, biopics, or documentaries are arriving on the American platform to ensure you always have more entertainment and discoveries.

The good news is that the addition of these new and original films or series does not come with a price increase: you pay the amount associated with your subscription, and that’s it! Also, make sure to check out our article on the films that will soon disappear from the Netflix catalog so you don’t miss out on cinematic masterpieces!

**Series and Movies to Watch Until June 15**

– June 1: Season 4 of New Amsterdam is back, where one of the oldest American hospitals welcomes a new director, Dr. Max Goodwin, determined to make significant changes to save lives, while the hospital staff continues to face medical and personal challenges.
– June 1: Nocturnal Animals, starring Amy Adams, is a captivating thriller where the owner of an art gallery notices disturbing similarities with her previous marriage as she rereads a manuscript written by her ex-husband.
– June 4: Mean Girls, a cult comedy about the social tribulations of a teenage girl in an American high school, features Lindsay Lohan and Rachel McAdams, among others. Discover the ruthless world of “the girls,” where nothing is spared for anyone!
– June 5: Dive into a police documentary with “Hollywood-Style Heist: The Return of a Charismatic Thief on Netflix!” A team of robbers attempts a daring heist in Seattle in the 90s.
– June 5: The Taken trilogy: Need we say more? Don’t wait any longer to binge-watch the three most gripping action films, following the adventures of Bryan Mills portrayed by the irreplaceable Liam Neeson.
– June 5: Another documentary that will captivate you from A to Z, “Hitler and the Nazis: The Trial of Evil.” An in-depth exploration of the Nuremberg trials and the fall of the Nazi regime, decrypting the mechanisms of the system and the mind of a visionary turned into a ruthless dictator.
– June 6: Sweet Tooth Season 3 will delight all science fiction series enthusiasts! If you’ve already watched the first two seasons, rest assured that the third one will not disappoint you! Between fantastic adventures, mysteries, and dangers, time will fly by.
– June 6: How about changing things up with an epic animated film, “Baki Hanma VS Kenghan Ashura”? Watch this Herculean battle between two martial arts titans, a crossover of two Japanese mangas that highlight the respective universes of each of them. A must-watch!
– June 7: “Hierarchy” is a South Korean romance. At Jooshin High School, a privileged elite, representing only 0.01% of students, reigns supreme. However, everything changes when a mysterious new arrival disrupts the established order.
– June 7: With “Perfect Match” Season 2, entertain yourself with reality TV and discover the complications of modern love during a competition based on strategy and seduction!
– June 11: “One piece Film: RED,” the One Piece franchise shows no signs of stopping! Sit back and watch this Japanese anime movie of nearly 2 hours and follow the adventures of Luffy and his crew.
– June 11: “Tour de France: In the Heart of the Peloton Season 2” is a fascinating documentary that takes you behind the scenes of the legendary Tour de France. Challenges, triumphs, and dramas experienced by the riders and their teams will not be lacking!
– June 13: Get ready to laugh out loud with “Did You Score?”, a hilarious French comedy about the ups and downs of searching for love at 15. Starring Ramzy Bedia and Paul Kircher.
– June 13: “The Bridgerton Chronicles” (Season 3 Part 2) needs no introduction, showcasing the dramas and romances of British high society. If you watched the previous seasons, there’s no doubt you’ll also fall for this one’s charm!
– June 13: “Doctor Climax” is an original Thai medical series. It tells the story of a Thai dermatologist who assumes a new identity to become Dr. Climax, a journalist determined to break the taboos surrounding sexuality.
– June 14: “Ultraman: Rising” will appeal to children and adolescents, as it narrates the story of a renowned athlete whose mission is to protect Tokyo from giant monsters.
– June 15: “Crazy Bear” is the adaptation of a rather bizarre real-life event. One day, deep in the forest, a 200 kg black bear finds an abandoned cargo and accidentally ingests a large quantity of drugs… Needless to say, anarchy ensues in the surroundings!
– June 15: Get your tissues ready for “The Fault in Our Stars,” a touching adaptation of John Green’s novel about love and the loss of loved ones.

**A Plethora of Entertainment for the End of the Month**

– June 16: “Ronaldo” offers you an immersion into the life and career of the famous Portuguese footballer Cristiano Ronaldo.
– June 18: If you’re interested in the LGBTQ+ cause, don’t miss the documentary “Outstanding: A Comedy Revolution” about American queer stand-up comedy.
– June 19: How about a bit more reality TV with “Love is Blind: Brazil Season 4”?
– June 19: Watch “Hit Man” for two hours of breathtaking action featuring the famous barcode-tattooed hitman…
– June 19: The Japanese series “Demon Slayer: Kimetsu No Yaiba – The Village of the Blacksmiths” deals with a new perilous mission where the protagonist must fight against demons.
– June 20: This documentary, “The Exchanged Twins of Bogota,” will grip you as the drama unfolds about two sets of twins exchanged at birth in Colombia.
– June 20: Catch Marina Foïs and Laurent Lafitte in the two installments of “Daddy or Mommy 1 & 2.” The well-addressed and explored themes of divorce and child custody will make you laugh for more than one reason!
– June 21: Jessica Alba makes her grand return in “Counterattack,” as a special forces agent unwittingly plunged into a formidable conspiracy! Not all truths are always good to tell, or to hear.
– June 25: “Tokio Hotel” rings a bell, right? Of course! With the documentary “Kaulitz & Kaulitz,” the superstar twins from the band offer you a funny and intimate glimpse into their private lives between Los Angeles and Germany.
– June 27: “The Sketch of Our Lives” might bring a few tears to your eyes. What do you do when you only have one year left to live?
– June 27: Discover the first season of “That’s 90s Show,” where Kitty and Red Forman welcome a new generation of teenagers into their basement as Leia, their granddaughter, arrives in Wisconsin.
– June 28: Last but not least, don’t miss “The Family’s Secrets” with Nicole Kidman and Zac Efron! The latter plays a show business star indifferent to his assistant but, on the other hand, very much in love with… her mother!