A secret birth. On March 14, 2000, singer C. Jérôme, known for his hits Himalaya and C’est moi, died suddenly at the age of 53 from generalized cancer. A painful disappearance for the fans of the artist, but also for those close to him.

In the 1990s, he met his future wife Annette with whom he will have an only daughter named Caroline. A birth that remained hidden for a time and for good reason, his status as a young idol was not compatible with his new role as a father. This was stated by his widow in an interview with the magazine Ici Paris in 2020.

“It was not necessary that it was known at the time. So, we hid a little. He was considered a singer with babes, he was afraid that the fans would not agree that he had a family life”, she had declared and to add: “The fact of not appearing in public did not bother me and then I did not want to expose Caroline”.

Despite his disappearance, Annette Dhotel continues to do everything possible to save his memory. “Record companies, radios moved on. For the 20 years, I tried to relaunch a lot of projects (compilations, reissues) to get people talking about him again, but nothing materialized. His songs are almost no longer broadcast on the radio … The media have an easy way of erasing artists, except perhaps Claude François”, she said.

What happens to his only daughter today? According to our colleagues from Gala, Caroline Dhotel started her own family and became a vocal coach with her company called Coachchant. Planet invites you to discover it in pictures in our slideshow.