Warner Bros. Discovery in Talks for Potential Fourth NBA Media Rights Package

Get ready for a potential game-changer in the NBA media rights landscape as Warner Bros. Discovery is currently in negotiations for a fourth media rights package, sources reveal.

Speculation has been swirling around TNT potentially being left out of the NBA TV/streaming sphere in favor of three main rights partners – ESPN, NBC, and Amazon Prime Video. However, sources suggest that TNT is still in the running for a smaller, more cost-effective fourth package that could include regular-season games and some playoff matchups.

Carving out this smaller package for TNT could prove to be a strategic move for both the NBA and Warner Bros. Discovery. It would allow the NBA to maintain its long-standing relationship with Turner Sports, which has spanned over 40 years. Additionally, adding a fourth media partner would be a significant move in the competitive live sports rights market, following in the footsteps of the NFL’s expansion to new partners like Netflix and Amazon.

Industry experts believe that a fourth package would provide the NBA with the opportunity to broadcast its games across major networks like Disney, NBCUniversal, and Warner Bros. Discovery, potentially leading to another billion-dollar deal.

For TNT, securing a smaller package could ensure the continuation of popular shows like Charles Barkley’s “Inside the NBA.” The NBA legend has expressed concerns about the lack of communication from TNT’s management and is hopeful for a resolution soon.

While Warner Bros. Discovery faces financial challenges, acquiring a smaller NBA package could help alleviate some of the company’s debt and prevent backlash from cable operators. Despite the ongoing negotiations, no official offers have been made by the NBA or Amazon for TNT to consider matching.

As the NBA Finals kick off, the league is on the brink of securing lucrative deals with major networks, setting the stage for a substantial increase in long-term media rights revenue. The rivalry between NBA insiders Woj and Shams continues to heat up, adding an extra layer of excitement to the ongoing media rights saga.