On the New York stock market climb of the Dow Jones Industrial on Wednesday to nearly five percent. After the shortened trading had been completed on Christmas eve, with a considerable decline of almost three per cent, showed the rate table is now at the Sounding of the closing bell, a substantial increase of 4.98% to 22 878,45 points. The Dow rose for the first time in a single trading session of more than 1000 points.

at the start of trading, the Dow fell still in one of great uncertainty, business, to just 21.713 points. On Tuesday trading on the American stock markets had rested because of Christmas. Was driven to the Rally on Wednesday at the forefront of retail and energy. Obviously, the Christmas business was not as good as it has been for several years running. The price of Oil rose after a weaker development of almost ten percent.

the Job of Fed Chairman Powell’s “100 percent sure”

The American President Donald Trump had also recommended investors to take advantage of the last of the fallen classes of the stock purchase. At the same time, he repeated on Tuesday his sharp criticism of the American Central Bank. This was decided last week, to raise the key interest rate. “I think it is to buy a great opportunity. Really to buy a great opportunity,“ said Trump on the first Christmas day, in front of reporters in the White house. He had “great confidence” in American companies, he said.

in addition, traders pointed to Comments of the Trump adviser, Kevin Hassett, that the Job of Central Bank governors Jerome Powell in spite of the persistent criticism from the White house to him and the policy of the Federal Reserve was “100 percent” safe. The sharp rise in Oil prices have supported the mood as well. This is regarded by experts as an economic indicator.