To strengthen your heritage, ensure a retirement in the sun or reunite the family… Everyone has their own reason for buying a second home. In 2017, France (excluding Mayotte) had 3.2 million secondary residences in the tax sense of the term, which represents one dwelling in 10. According to INSEE figures, these occasional residences are located on the coast (40% ), in the mountains (16%) or in large cities (12%).

Pretto, the leading online mortgage fintech, has released a ranking of the most popular regions for a second home. So, the most popular are:

Are these regions the ones for which households are willing to spend the most? Well no ! In our slideshow below, discover the ranking of the average budgets of households looking for a second home, region by region*.

In his analysis, Pretto paints a composite portrait of the home in search of a second home. The site established that it was a couple with one child (57%), with an average age of 45, with a net monthly income of 5,600 euros. The average budget of the household in question amounts to 240,000 euros with an average contribution of 54,700 euros, and, finally, it seeks mainly in the old (85%).

*The selection has been established thanks to figures from Pretto.