you can set the clock a half an hour, instead of daylight savings time. There is a time gap of half an hour, the sight of the cons, and offers both in summer and winter, great benefits, according to Dutch meteorologists from the weather bureau Weeronline. For instance, in the winter it is less smooth in the afternoon rush hour, the hottest part of the day in the summer, and it’s not too early for the light.

think of the clock for daylight savings time, according to Weeronline, not only have an impact at the time when it is dark or light. It should also be taken into account in the display. For example, in the winter, in the evening, a great influence on the traffic during rush hour, says the weather bureau. At that time, the temperature can be also soon to fall. In the frost and the slippery roads lead to accidents and long traffic jams.

if you are adhering to the daylight saving time are that the problems are less, however, than it is in december and it was not until around 9: 45-light. Therefore, it argues, Weeronline, for a period of time that is in between. A vierseizoenentijd reduces the effects of the smoothness of the evening, and makes sure that it is not only very, very late light,” said a meteorologist, Yannick Ladies. “In addition, strooidiensten early in the morning to have more time to throw because of it’s coldest point of the day after.” Being called a “win-win” for everyone.

this week, the clock on the night of Saturday 26 to Sunday 27 October, and again one hour back for the daylight savings time. Maybe this will be the last time, as the European Commission, wants to be rid of it. A lot of people (and animals) would be physically affected and the energy savings, it is not necessary, according to the european Commission.