Butter reminder: the brand to bring back immediately to the store


Semi-salted butter is extremely popular throughout France, even if it is mainly claimed in the west of the country… Breakfast, preparation of more elaborate dishes, or even desserts embellished with a delicious sweet note- salty, there are many uses for this product that can be found in most French fridges.

Watch out though! Some pads are subject to a recall in Eure (27) and Morbihan (56) according to Rappel Conso. In question: the suspicion of the presence of metallic foreign bodies inside. Although the presence of a large piece of metal in your butter wafer would probably not go unnoticed, small fragments could be hiding there, and the risks associated with ingesting them are not to be taken lightly.

First of all, you will need to precisely identify the reference of the butter in your fridge. If you never shop at Intermarché, drive around! Indeed, it is the only distributor concerned by this recall. The pads concerned went on sale from October 27th.

The reference to identify is:

If the suspect has sneaked into your fridge, all you have to do is get him out! Instead of throwing your butter directly in the trash, you can bring the corrupted pads to the nearest Intermarché store and receive a refund.