If, like many French people, you are an avid consumer of butter, beware! Indeed, several lumps of butter are subject to voluntary recalls at this very moment. This ingredient has been at the heart of French cuisine for many years, and its use in the preparation of dishes or its consumption in its pure state, on toast or otherwise, has become perpetuated in the diet of our compatriots. . According to Statista, the French consume an average of 8.2 kg of butter per person per year in 2019.

This figure places France as the world’s number one consumer of butter! But we are far from being the only country in which we have been eating it for a long time. The origin of butter is in fact in a completely different part of the world. Indeed, it was the Sumerians, almost 4,500 years ago, who would have started churning milk to obtain a substance that is similar to what we know today as butter. Obviously, this innovation is closely linked to the emergence of the domestication of cows by this same civilization, as reported by our colleagues from Nutrition.

The butters in question are subject to recalls because the presence of listeria monocytogenes has been detected in them. In case of ingestion of the contaminated product, the consequences can vary from simple vomiting to a real danger to the life of the contaminated person, especially if he is immunocompromised or pregnant. This is why it is crucial to identify contaminated products if they have entered your fridge, in order to eliminate them and bring them back to their point of sale to be able to benefit from a refund. Here are the references to identify:

Find below the list of distributors who marketed the butter lumps in question.