by Rebecca (46), a nurse for new mothers, who this year is participating in the Farmer seeks. the woman, , wrote the following in the last year, the VTM programme in a letter to the farmer, the Manu. It appears that Manu is a friend of Etienne’s, the suikerrietboer and with whom, But for this year, as a click feel.

all says, But that’s Etienne’s totally her type, and that seemed to be confirmed when they are with him on a date was during the yoga session. Rebecca asked, her heart open for him, and Etienne’s, it was to the point of tears.

in Some Files, however, not in advance know, that was Etienne, a childhood friend of Manu, who is in her last year at five of favorite, the women thought. “It shocked me a bit,” says Rebecca, who, however, does not intend, it is, therefore, jack Etienne, is to let go of. “It’s my life and my future, so I’m just going for it.”

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