Bust-up at the Federal police – the Top Swiss money-laundering-fighter goes in the StreitDas Federal office of police has been looking for a boss for money laundering-defence. Daniel Thelesklaf is, according to dissonance.Christian Brönnimann, Thomas Knellwolf0 KommentareMROS-in-chief Daniel Thelesklaf occurs after less than a year later. Photo: Sophie Steiger

He is a recognized expert, international and well-networked. But now Daniel Thelesklaf leaves the money laundering reporting office (MROS) at the Federal office of police (Fedpol) again. He held the Post until almost a year ago, by 1. August 2019, accepted.

Thelesklaf, has submitted on Monday his resignation at the end of September. The Fedpol confirmed on request, and a message from the Western Swiss portal Heidi.news. Further, it does not want to comment on the departure.

Between Thelesklaf and the Fedpol guide to Director Nicoletta della Valle must have occurred in the past few months, a in the direction of dispute. “It is true”, confirmed Thelesklaf, “that between the MROS under my leadership, and the Fedpol dissonance with regard to the implementation of international Standards are not developed, which enabled to me to be a continuation of the work.”

massively more work

the 56 writes-Year-old: “I regret this extremely, mainly because of the efforts of most of the authorities, to fight money laundering in Switzerland, effectively, votes very positive and the role of MROS as a Financial Intelligence Unit here would have fit very well into that.”

For detailed contents of the dispute, did not want to comment on Thelesklaf with reference to the obligation of professional secrecy. He had directed the MROS after the launch, from 1998 to 2002.

The work load in the MROS increased in the last few years. Received up to 2015 in each case between about 1000 and 2000 allegations, it was 2019 already over 7700. Also, more and more Dossiers remain. The mountain of Outstanding cases doubled within a year by the end of 2019 to over 3600 messages.

the predecessor of Thelesklaf, Stiliano Ordolli, was assigned by the end of 2018 is never completely clear, which had become circumstances and in a dispute with the Fedpol surprising.

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