Business creation: with, without contribution… How much money do you really need?


It is common that at a specific point in a professional career, some people find themselves in a phase where their job no longer appeals to them. Workers therefore find themselves in a metro, work, sleep dynamic that can quickly become difficult to live with and affect morale.

Faced with this situation, a professional retraining project can be a good solution. be everyday.

However, starting a business creation procedure is not a decision to be taken lightly. It is a project that has many steps that cannot be overlooked. For a motivated person, nothing is impossible and it is totally possible to go through these steps.

When you decide to get started, one question remains important: how much money do you really need?

According to L’École Française, “The costs to be expected when setting up a business can range from €1,600 to €8,000”. The amount is obviously variable depending on the activity.

This calculation takes into account different aspects of business creation, more or less expensive. For example, as part of the preparatory work, the important step of the business plan. On its own, it can cost between 430 and 1200 euros approximately according to the figures of the specialized website.

Similarly, the many steps that are part of starting a business each incur different costs of their own.

Fortunately, if you do not have financial capital, it is now possible to create a business without input.

Faced with all these sums that it is necessary to invest, some people may find themselves discouraged or even abandon their project. Fortunately, in France, it is possible to create a business without contribution.

Indeed, the law does not establish a minimum amount to be devoted to the share capital of one’s company for most legal statuses (SARL, EURL, SAS, SASU, SNC), explains the specialized website Le Coin des Entrepreneurs. Thus, according to the regulations in force, the share capital may be limited to one symbolic euro for these specific legal statuses.

Starting a business without contribution is not without risk. Indeed, as Capital points out, the amount of the company’s capital is a guarantee of credibility vis-à-vis third parties. Indeed, with a capital of one euro, the contributors of capital will not be attracted by your company and will tend to move towards companies whose share capital is greater.

In addition, the capital of the company is also a kind of insurance and allows you to cover yourself in case of difficulties. With a share capital of one euro, you cannot record losses exceeding fifty cents.