Business creation: the key steps not to be overlooked


Faced with a career that no longer pleases them, many people find themselves in a dynamic metro, job, sleep that is difficult to live with. This situation can sometimes affect the morale and well-being of these employees who feel it throughout their lives and their daily lives.

This is why many people consider embarking on a professional retraining but hesitate, often out of fear. However, this solution can be particularly suitable and breathe new life into the careers of these people. Professional retraining can take many forms depending on the tastes and projects of each.

Some decide to turn to entrepreneurship. You might think that’s a bit of a crazy idea, but in reality it’s something that many retraining seniors are successful at.

This project can be considered for a person who has ambitions, they must not be held back by their fears. It’s important to stay confident and be aware that even at 50 or 60, it’s not too late to start a business. The key to success is determination.

“When you set up a business, you have to know humanly what adventure you are embarking on,” explains Jessica Rivierre, professional coach and trainer in business creation.

So when you decide to embark on the creation of a business, it is important to be aware of these 7 key steps not to be overlooked, developed by Jessica Rivierre.