Business consultant in the Interview – “What has for years abducted, is within been a few weeks, introduced” Michael Faschingbauer advises companies to look into the crisis to creative solutions.Mathias Morgenthaler0 comment consultant Michael Faschingbauer helps entrepreneurs from the crisis.Photo: PD

As a consultant you help your clients, to cases, in times of uncertainty, good decisions. Has your Expertise helped in dealing with the consequences of the Corona pandemic?

In the first few days I was busy as all with two things: crisis management and to Mourn. The First belongs to get a picture of the personal situation: What falls away? What can we save? How big the loss is, and how long can I survive like that? I saw relatively quickly that I was coming up in the autumn by somehow. And then the grief set in. The conference, which has a nearly year-long prepared, and which cannot now take place; the Isolation; all of the goals, one of which adopted better quickly. Freeing yourself of unrealistic plans, has a better view on the chances.

this Is not cynical, to sell to the entrepreneurs, the crisis as a Chance?

Who don’t know how he will pay the wages for the employees, the own family to feed, likes to hear nothing of opportunities. We talk primarily of damage control. And yet, it is important that we are able to solve rapidly of our plans. To the crisis, the Situation is characterized, above all, that we hold on to unrealistic goals. If you can’t plan, then let this be Plan. In December, many managers have invested a lot of time to create Budgets, capacity to make revenue and liquidity planning for 2020. This makes sense in a stable environment. But now all these plans are meaningless, and it doesn’t pay to invest a lot of time in re-planning. Now it needs less Management, but more entrepreneurial Design and ability to improvise.

What do you mean?

are represented In the media successful entrepreneurs are often considered geniuses or heroes. However, good entrepreneurs are not Superhuman. Thanks to research we know that they tend with increasing experience of a similar Mindset. Simply put: they run to, if things can not be, and according to the specifications implemented as planned. You draw from what is available, and, not infrequently, the problems or things that go wrong are. You are the artist closer to you than the Manager.

“Who compares constantly the reality with the beautiful plans,
will be disappointed to no end.”

could you be more specific?

we assume you want to invite guests to dinner. If you think like an experienced Manager, set a date, choose a recipe, buy the ingredients, cook the dish according to the Plan and eat it with your guests. As in the kitchen and in the Store relatively stable conditions prevail, it will succeed, probably, you end up with exactly the expected result. If you are a business owner, to saute the onions in the Oil, because you’re hungry and like onions. Then, what you have in the fridge and improvise look. Perhaps you knock at the neighbour’s and ask if he will contribute something and like to eat. The probability that in this way, something New, something Creative emerges, is much larger.

And this approach is now particularly in demand?

Yes, because so many unexpected things happen, we have to detach ourselves from our planning, illusion, and more often ask, what is just possible by the particular circumstances. Anyone who compares constantly the reality with the beautiful plans will be disappointed to no end. And he does not see that in the current Situation, a lot of room for creative solutions. How long have we been talking about the need of digitalisation in schools, in offices, in all areas of life? What has for years abducted, has now been within the introduced in a few weeks. Distance education in schools, video-conferences instead of expensive-to-face meetings, waiver of business travel, home office, as a matter of course. Distilleries have converted within the shortest time to disinfectant manufacturers, stewardesses helped out in the care of, a waiter to Distribute the food to seniors. It will not invest in concepts and forecasts, but on the set, what’s working now. And it is a lot of experimenting a lot.

“Go out of the existing resources and asking what is possible; get very early a possible Partner in the boat and put on Co-creation.”

“Act proposes Plan” you call it in your books and lectures. Is there a scientific evidence?

Yes, this has been studied very thoroughly. The Entrepreneurship Professor Saras Sarasvathy, who teaches at the University of Virginia, examined in the context of their Promotion, what are the principles of successful multiple founders derive their business. She has developed the Effectuation approach and their research direction is decisively influenced. The four success factors for trading in uncertainty are from: from the existing resources and asking what is possible; get very early a possible Partner in the boat and put on Co-creation; do you realise what a loss, respectively, use you can afford; to see the Unexpected, so coincidences and challenging circumstances as an opportunity for creativity, and a lever for Innovation.

which of these principles do companies find most difficult?

From my time as a product Manager in the auto industry, I know that in many companies, only those projects are implemented, their subsequent income, you can well calculate. You invested money – often borrowed – in the hope of a high return. And you want to have the things at any price in the handle. The Effectuation-approach invites us to return early with all of our uncertainty, Expo, and to develop, for example with customers or partners in something New. This takes courage, and entrepreneurial freedom in the organizations. If any idea come from Management or on paper, the Central approved, you must be very playful, many of the opportunities for Innovation.

is the Effectuation-approach works well for personal career development?

Absolutely. Most people would say, looking back on your past life, you were the result of goals that you have set for yourself. Rather, it is that we respond to coincidences, opportunities, benefits, the right allies are looking for. This is not to say that anyone Who wants to make a career change, in need of primarily a water-tight Plan and need not be completed in the first line of the expensive training courses. More important is to have a look in the fridge, to ask themselves: Who am I? What I bring everything with? Who do I know? And what could be meaningful?

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