No memory of accidents – bus driver rams in the Aargau cars and HausmauernAus unknown reasons, a post-car-Arm collided vans in Muri with two cars, a and two house walls. No one was hurt.3 Kommentare3Grosser property damage: the Bus showed after the collision damage.Photo: cantonal police of Aargau

A 65-year-old driver of a bus on Friday morning to travel from Birri to Muri in the Canton of Aargau with several cars, and the house collides with walls. A medical Problem of the handlebars can not be excluded, according to police information.

The accidents occurred in the morning traffic, as the Canton police informed of Aargau. Just before 06.30 am, a third person the police had reported a collision with a bus. The bus was more to take care of threats without the damage to the drivers accordingly.

a Short time later, the 65-year-old bus chauffeur reported. He was at the station of Muri in Freiamt, and wait for the police. Compared to the incoming patrol, he claimed to remember no collision.

As it turned out, caused the Chauffeur between Birri and Muri several minor accidents. Damaged two cars were cars, a delivery and two house walls. It great damage was done. People were not injured, as it was called at the request of the police. It was unclear whether would have found passengers in the Bus.

it is Not known how it came to accidents. A medical Problem can not be excluded, according to police. The competent public Prosecutor’s office Muri-Bremgarten opened to clarify the cause of the accident investigation. The driver had to surrender his driving licence to the attention of the withdrawal authority.

(SDA /aru)

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