Burglary is the fear of many French people. With good reason: in 2019, no less than 234,000 home thefts were recorded by the Ministry of the Interior. And since the first confinement, the figures would have further inflated.

It must be said that the techniques of thugs to break into and steal your property are more and more sophisticated, and their organization, more and more precise. Their activity also increases in intensity during the holidays.

But their main trick, to rob homes without being detected, is to “target” their future victims.

Burglars will try to find out, before starting their business, if the accommodation is occupied, or left vacant by its owners…

To do this, they have a whole host of observation, tracking and communication techniques.

One of them is particularly sneaky, and you better pay attention to it.

When you get home, watch your front door carefully, looking for a… dot of glue.

Indeed, some villains have developed a particular technique to ensure that a dwelling is unoccupied: they “mark” it by placing a dot of glue with a gun between your front door and its frame, indicates the site of Maisons

If the glue thread is not broken when it comes back later, the way is clear.

Some also use a piece of tape.

Thus, if you plan to leave your home, you can ask your neighbors to check your door regularly and to scrutinize the presence of these signs, to remove them if necessary.

Finally, do not hesitate to equip your home and adopt the right reflexes on a daily basis to protect yourself from burglaries.