Summer vacation is fast approaching. This is undoubtedly the favorite season for burglars who often have free rein to carry out their misdeeds.

Getting robbed is perhaps a vacationer’s worst nightmare. Imagine: you return home after two weeks of vacation and find your accommodation upside down. What a terrible way to start a new year of work after the summer.

Fortunately, there are solutions to prevent this. It is important to prepare properly so that this nightmare does not become reality. Do not fall into paranoia either, which would only risk ruining your vacation.

First of all, it is better to check the condition of its shutters and windows. They must be solid and lock properly. Installing an alarm system can also be a good idea and allow you to leave with peace of mind.

To prevent your house from becoming the target of burglars during your trip, the best thing is to conceal your absence as much as possible, insists 20 Minutes. Ask a neighbor or a friend to come to your house regularly to open your shutters a little and make people think that the house is alive. It will also be an opportunity to take care of your plants.

In recent years, “Operation Tranquillity Holidays” can also be an interesting solution that will save you from worrying. All you have to do is go to the police station in your neighborhood and give them a form indicating your vacation dates. During the summer, they circulate regularly to check that a burglary is not in progress. They will be able to pay special attention to your home.

Some cities are more prone to burglaries than others. In these places, it is better to be extra careful. Discover the top 10 cities where burglaries are the most common, according to the ranking established by Le Figaro.