This is because traditional chicken meat becomes more difficult to find and more expensive.

Burger King will be testing Impossible Foods’ meatless nuggets at several locations, becoming the first fast-food restaurant to offer Impossible Foods’ new chicken alternative.

Customers in Des Moines and Iowa, Boston, Boston, and Miami can now try the plant-based Impossible Nuggets starting Monday.

Impossible Foods was the first fast-food restaurant to sell its meatless hamburgers when Restaurant Brands International first collaborated with it two years ago. The chain reduced its price to match the popularity of the popular item. Burger King’s main competitor, Beyond Meat has entered into a partnership with Impossible. However, they haven’t launched a plant-based product together in the U.S. yet.

Burger King’s Impossible Nuggets provide a similar opportunity as the Impossible Whopper for driving traffic to its restaurants. Although meat alternatives are becoming more popular on fast-food menus, chicken substitutes are rare since Impossible & Beyond launched their versions only recently. Impossible started selling its meatless nuggets at grocery stores and restaurants in September, while Beyond launched its tenders in restaurants in July.

As traditional chicken meat becomes harder and more expensive, this is the test. According to Bank of America Securities chicken commodity prices increased by two-thirds this year, according to Bank of America Securities. Yum Brands’ KFC has stopped advertising its chicken tenders because of a shortage in supply.

Burger King announced Wednesday that they will be launching Ghost Pepper Chicken Nuggets in all 50 states starting Monday. These nuggets are made with white chicken, unlike the Impossible Nuggets.

Restaurant Brands shares have increased less than 1% in the past year, giving it an estimated market value of $28.5 million.