In the case of the months-long systematic abuse in a refugee home in Burbach has spoken, the district court Victories on Tuesday, the first sentences against security guards. Due to the multiple deprivation of freedom it imposed fines against a security Guard and a so-called social managers in the amount of 900 or 1200 Euro. A 28-year-old security guard was sentenced to a suspended sentence of a year because he slapped refugees, and kicked out had struck.

refugees in the “problem room” is locked

in Order to speed up verdicts against the three confessed the accused, had been separated, the process against them by the great, since November of the current main method with 25 defendants. This will take according to observers for months. The three convicted defendants were accommodation according to the court, part of an arbitrary punishment system in the Refugee.

about four years Ago, the scandal of systematic abuse and harassment had become known. Among other things, refugees were locked up for violations of the house rules in a “problem room”.