Bundesliga: the Curious turn of Sparkle and Düsseldorf


    Curious reversal in the football Bundesliga club Fortuna Düsseldorf: Not even 24 hours after the promoted team, and coach Friedhelm Funkel had announced a separation to the end of the season, should be included in the talks about a contract extension now. “We have set ourselves yesterday evening together, to talk in peace about everything,” declared fortune’s CEO Robert Schaefer and Friedhelm Funkel. “In doing so, we become aware of the fact that the two thick-heads have insisted on their positions. That was a mistake. In the interest of Fortuna Düsseldorf, we will correct this mistake,“ it said in a Club announcement on Saturday.

    “I would not have expected so,” said Funkel on Saturday before the return flight of the Fortunen in Malaga, the “Rheinische Post”, “the development of the night took me by surprise.”With the big sympathy wave for the Fans, he had not expected. “I’m not vindictive,” said Twinkle, “I must admit, I was a bit stubborn. Of course, I now have a good negotiating position, but I’m not going to take advantage of you for sure. I promise.“

    The “Rheinische Post” reported on the day of departure from the training camp in Marbella, first, that both parties, once again, want to put. The “Westdeutsche Zeitung” also reported that the Supervisory Board wants to bring in-chief Reinhold Ernst both parties again to the table. On Friday, the seemed to a success relationship is sealed. The 65-year-old Brand a voice of great disappointment and complained in training camp in tears, a lack of “trust”. On the next day, the first possible successor for the Brand has been traded. So the Austrians Damir Canadi who is currently training with the Greek club Atromitos Athens is a promising candidate.

    düsseldorf Chairman of the Board, Schaefer and the new sport Board of management, Lutz Pfannenstiel were of the view that they wanted to lead conversations, if one could foresee in the course of the second round, where the path of the Fortuna. Schaefer, who had extended in the last Winter, the contract with the coach in advance for one year, stressed that it was not a vote of no confidence against Funkel. “This year there is a different Situation, since we have the short-term goal of the classes stop, what is Fortuna Düsseldorf is of paramount importance”, Schäfer said.

    This Sparkle, who had recently signed, only contracts over a season was, apparently, already prepared a contract for the Bundesliga to sign. Now, in the days before the second round start against FC Augsburg is to be found, according to the Association message from the Saturday in further discussions to reach agreement. The currently oldest Bundesliga Coach had taken on the Fortuna in March 2016 in the second Bundesliga, before the descent preserved and last summer, after six years in the League. Currently, the düsseldorf-based on rank 14 and have a realistic Outlook on the Class whereabouts.