Bundesliga-statistics show – Without an audience, you play different five Ghost rounds in the Bundesliga surprising findings: In an empty stadium, there are more warnings. And The home advantage has become home disadvantage.Etienne Sticher7 Kommentare7Schiedsrichter and players conduct themselves in the Spirit of the game. Not only in Cheer and high fives, but also during the game.Photo: Michael Sohn/Pool via Getty Imag

Five rounds have been completed in Germany’s Bundesliga since the Corona-related interruption again. 45 games in front of empty stands. 45 games with coaches with masks on the bench. 45 games without a handshake. But not only around the playing field, things have changed. Also on the game itself, the adjustments have an impact.


on average, 81 percent of all passes were in front of the Corona-interruption, where the home teams had a slightly better rate. Since the beginning of the pass rate is, on average, 81.5 percent. The guests were able to increase their pass accuracy slightly more than the hosts. There are three explanations:

1. The Emotions. Without the Fans, these are weaker. The players are of the screaming and raging spectators incites to be applied in addition. You may be more likely to keep a cool head and better play passes.

2. The better communication. In the stadium it is quiet. Instead of up to 80’000 Fans, only the 22 players on the pitch and the coach of the Bank screaming. If the stadium is sold out, he would come with his Call for no more than ten yards wide, for example, said the Dortmund defender Mats Hummels in the Bavarian broadcasting. But now he could reach with his commands midfielder.

3. The Peace And Quiet. The away teams were able to improve their pass rate is stronger, can be explained with the lack of Whistles from the Fans. The visiting team tried to keep the Ball deep in the own half the Court and ordered to build, it will cover immediately with Whistles from the stands in. This is now no longer the case. The guests can have during the set-up time, the whistles are missing.

The gates

The better the pass rate, but does not lead to more goals. On the contrary, for an average of three goals scored since the start of per game to 0.25 less than before the break. Last weekend was reached 2.33 goals per game, the second lowest value of the current season.

in less goals, it can also be with the rest of the stadium declared. BVB defender Hummels: “I could reach, if the stadium is raging, never the offensive midfielder or the striker with my instructions.” Without the Fans, he can also give you instructions for your defensive behavior. The defense is organized, therefore, better, the attackers have it more difficult.

home advantage

He is summoned frequently in football and cited the home-field advantage. But this is also because, when the stadium is empty? Before the Coronavirus brought football to a Halt, was won by the home team’s 43 percent of the games, 22 percent ended in a draw. Thus, the Teams took an average of 1.5 points per home game, away team an average of 1.3 points.

Since the beginning of the changed much of this: Only in 10 out of 45 Games, the home team won. This corresponds to 22 per cent – the home team took just one point per game. The away team take an average of 1.7 points.

This is of course explained by the absent audience – the home team will not be pushed by the crowd to the front, the guests have the whole stadium against him. But there is another explanation approach.

the sport psychologist, Christian Hot the Fans are only of secondary importance. As he says, compared to the “Stuttgarter Zeitung”, is the usual environment as to be a decisive: “The familiarity of the stadium can have a positive psychological effect.” However, because of the hygiene measures have also changed the processes before the game. The Routine, the players know, especially in their own stadium, well, is not the same.

The warnings, and the penalties

the referee to act in front of empty stands different. Be distributed since the beginning of the cut per round is almost five Yellow cards. 37,8 instead of 33. And also at the place there is a small increase of 1.6 to 2 per round. Even with the penalties, there are slightly more. The 2.4 per round instead of 2.1.

This can also be with the rest of the stadium declared. “You can hear the foot contact, Shin, sole of sole,” said Daniel Siebert, compared to the Funke media group. As a referee, he have a trained ear for it, which is the contact rule was illegal. In a full stadium with such noise, but without an audience, you are well audible. And thus, it is quite possible that a referee can assess a Foul, despite the limited view, correct and punish.

The referee drops a controversial decision, the Fans whistle, and frolic, the players besiege the game Manager. Such scenes were in front of the Corona-Pause not uncommon. However, since the Re-Start, you can’t see you. The players are accustomed to keep a distance. “The players not to rush a critical decision immediately on the referees,” said referee Guido Winkmann to the “image”-newspaper. “There is no pack.”

This lack of reaction can also have an influence on the decisions of the referee. So it is quite possible that the game master decide, unconsciously, to be different, if you have to reckon with a pack, and whistle concert. But it’s not there at the Moment. Therefore, the arbitrators decide more based on what you have seen and heard what can result in more cards. Because in a contentious Situation, no card, usually leads to less reactions than to give the warning.

The duration

After the first round after the Corona break the data provider, Opta announced that the net time averaged 57 minutes, two more than in the 25 laps before. But this has settled now again. The Ball rolls depending on the source, between the ages of 18 and 30 seconds longer than before the break.

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