Also in this round, the video wizard, have drawn the IRE of many coaches, players and Fans. The evil Occurs with the open sole, by the Berlin Karim Rekik the Schalke Alessandro Schöpf for some weeks in the sick promoted, should have been punished with a Red card. And Hannover was denied, despite a clear from the cameras filmed a foul by Thomas Delaney on Sarenren Bazee a penalty.

However, this round also showed that the technology of a classic referee’s errors has been fixed: incorrect offside decisions. Passive or not: This question can, as in the game between Mönchengladbach and Augsburg to lead, while still Controversial, but the core point, namely, whether a player was Offside or not, is its security since the start of the season with the help of the calibrated lines reliably. DFB referee chief Lutz Michael Fröhlich said in its first half of the season the balance-sheet of an “almost one hundred percent hit rate”.

last weekend, this achievement has been damaged, now, willfully. You have to decide “in doubt for the attacker”, had demanded the Wolfsburg coach Bruno Labbadia after the calibrated lines made for a very tight offside position in the emergence of a supposed hit from Renato Steffen to be visible. The Nuremberg sports Director Andreas Bornemann and coach Michael Köllner refused after a similar tight Situation in Mainz there’s a distinct Situation in all its reality to acknowledge, facts are simply ignored or twisted.

Out of frustration over their own failures, the Bundesliga protagonists of damage to that part of the video proof technique that works best for you. This is not only regrettable, but also of concern. Because they play the populists from the curves in the maps, the our game roar at every opportunity dull “your power is broken!”. The game is at exactly this point fair.