mice, dogs, and the ravages of time gnaw on the old D-Mark. Nearly 17 years after the introduction of Euro notes and coins Mark and Pfennig in the Billions are still in circulation, albeit sometimes badly damaged. So bill snippets were discovered in the attic of a house in southern Baden, Germany according to the German Bundesbank, with a total value of about 50,000 D-Mark in a box. Mice had gnawed the Bank notes, in order to build their nests. However, the money is not lost.

“We even replace broken D-Mark Notes, if more than 50 percent of the grade. And the Bundesbank does not even require a fee,“ says Bundesbank Board member Johannes Beermann.

the end of November, Mark and penny in value were not returned, according to the overall 12,55 billion Mark. Of 5,88 billion marks accounted for on Notes and 6.67 billion Mark on coins. In piece this is the equivalent of pay of about 166 million banknotes and more than 23 billion coins. Every German household calculator can be omitted, Japanese for approximately 300 D-Mark, four Bank notes, and 557 coins.

Each year, according to the experience of the Central Bank of the old Banknotes and coins to the value of 70 to 100 million Mark at the Bundesbank submitted. The greatest part of the money had exchanged the Federal citizen around the introduction of Euro notes and coins in early 2002. By the end of November this year, 30 million D-Mark coins and 50 million in Seem.

If the Bundesbank can be changed to the D-Mark is unlimited in Euro. This is, however, not in all the countries of the common currency area. A part of the coins and Notes should have gone, according to the Central Bank lost, destroyed, or in a collector’s casket landed. The largest part is likely to store also outside of Germany. “The D-Mark has especially abroad a store of value function. We suspect, therefore, the majority of the non-returned D-Mark banknotes and coins abroad,“ said Beermann.

fake D-Mark Bills from time to time. Little joy a sender from England, who hoped for the conversion of 20,000 marks, for example, had. In the package, the Bundesbank’s experts found, according to their own information, however, only a genuine Banknote: a Five-Mark note. The money should just have enough for postage.


. His dog had buried dad’s wallet with 1000 marks in the garden, and then the prey forgotten. A few years later, a new dog dug up the treasure, to the delight of its owner.