After a series of bomb threats have been cleared on Friday morning, the state courts located in several cities in Germany. Affected courts in Potsdam, Magdeburg, Erfurt, Saarbrücken, Wiesbaden, and Kiel. In all cases, the threat by E-Mail, confirmed the police. According to the police in Magdeburg was threatened in the Mail with a stop at the Federal level. The sender was anonymous, it said.

the exception was the threat to the regional court of Kiel: This was signed with the “national socialist Offensive”. “It’s a Mail, which is drawn with “national-socialist Offensive,”” said a police spokesman on Friday in Kiel. Previously, KN-online “(“Kieler Nachrichten online reported””). The state protection Department of the criminal police of Schleswig-Holstein determined. An assessment of how real a right-wing extremist Background could be, was so far not possible.

The Kiel district court is now accessible again. “The mission is over, there was nothing,” said a police spokesman for the German press Agency. Earlier, sniffer dogs had searched the outside area of the complex, but nothing Suspicious found.

First of all, there was a threat in Schleswig-Holstein

Around 200 people had to be brought in Potsdam from the justice center. Here it was scanned with an explosives dog the building and the area around the building is cordoned off. In Erfurt, around 30 officials from the court were brought to the building. An EDD is not hit in the search. According to the police in Erfurt in the morning the work could be included in the court building again soon.

Also in the regional court of Saarbrücken not a dangerous object was found.”Now the operation is back to normal,” said a spokeswoman. The building of the regional court of Kiel, and of the judicial centre of Wiesbaden were also cleared temporarily.