Budget: Maeva’s 8 tips to avoid emotional spending


Pandemic, war in Ukraine, inflation, drought and global warming… At the moment, the reasons to panic, to be depressed or even to be angry are, unfortunately, quite numerous.

If when such a feeling crosses your mind, one of your first reflexes, one of your first desires, is to spend, the diagnosis is clear: you are an emotional consumer, notes the English site -Saxon Stylist.

“Emotional spending became increasingly common during lockdown, when we were unable to afford other rewards, such as experiences outdoors or with loved ones. To appease our feelings, we therefore turned to online commerce and meal delivery”, specifies the media.

A bad day, a headache at work, a romantic glitch, and you’re ready to rush to a store, a bakery or an e-commerce site to seek “express” comfort… Behavior is certainly human, but not devoid of consequences. “It can become a problem when spending large amounts on a regular basis is associated with happiness,” therapist Olivia Dornan tells Stylist.

And even to a lesser extent, emotional spending eats away at many wallets… and can become an unhealthy reflex to “cope” – on the surface – with day-to-day problems.

For Planet, Maeva, creator of the Instagram account “My Budget Bento” (and author of the book My Budget On Automatic Pilot), full of tips for better managing your money and savings, there are however a few ways to avoid costs, without neglecting his mental health. Discover them in our slideshow!