The partial government shutdown shops in the United States will continue at least until after Christmas. The Senate began its next regular meeting for the coming Thursday – so after the Christmas days. It could come according to the information of the Senate, according to the usual procedures, the earliest a vote of the entire chamber about a budget law to end the so-called Shutdown. The Senate and the house of representatives to adopt such a bill.

In negotiations over a budget act is not a quick content-related agreement signed on Saturday anyway. From government circles, it was, you hope that the Shutdown will last only a few days. It could take even longer. It was prepared also.

point of contention: wall on Mexican border

Since the night to Saturday, a household is considered a lock for parts of the American government, because up to this time, no new budget law had been adopted for several Federal ministries. The result: hundreds of thousands of government forced to be on leave of absence staff or without salary work. Some Offices or other public facilities could close. The background for the escalation of the dispute over the financing of a wall on the border to Mexico.

President, Donald Trump had refused to be a of the budget act of signing, if there is not money for the long-required wall would be provided. He demanded five billion dollars. In the Congress there was, however, not a majority.