More than four weeks after the beginning of the “shutdown” in the United States. President Donald Trump the opposition Democrats with a new offer to end the budget dispute to be submitted to In a speech at the White house on Saturday afternoon (local time) offered to Trump the Democrats to protect certain groups of migrants, the so-called “Dreamern” (English: the dreamer), in the United States for three years prior to the deportation. It is approximately a million immigrants, including those brought to the country as children illegally in the United States. In addition, migrants have to get due to conflict or natural disasters in their home once a temporary protection status granted should not be deported.

In turn, insisted Trump on his demand for $ 5.7 billion for a wall on the border to Mexico, the financing of which deny the Democrats. The Democrats made it clear that the new thrust of Trumps will bring no breakthrough in the deadlocked dispute.

Pelosi rejects

The Chairman in the house of representatives, the Democrat Nancy Pelosi, refused a request by American media is already pre-recorded suggestions Trumps before his televised speech, you said it was a “non-starter”. The “Shutdown” set to a standstill for more than four weeks in parts of the American government. Trump refuses, a budget law, which contains no medium for his wall. The Democrats are asking Trump to open the government and to debate afterwards about border security.

Pelosi announced that, with their majority in the house of representatives, the Democrats would adopt in the coming week draft legislation that would end the “Shutdown”. The “New York Times” reported that the Democrats have enshrined in it, more than a billion dollars of additional funding for infrastructure at border crossings and for 75 new judges, who decide on asylum cases. Money Trumps wall is not included, therefore, but.