Between endless debates and 49.3, the 2023 finance bill caused a stir. Many measures have already been adopted by the government. The project thus plans to eliminate six “tax expenditures and tax systems which today appear inefficient or obsolete”.

But apart from this law, it is a local tax that the government also plans to drop next year. Indeed, in June 2022, Bruno Le Maire, the Minister of the Economy, Finance, Industry and Digital Sovereignty, had declared “production tax reductions for companies will start from 2023, as the President of the Republic has committed to it”, reports the magazine Surf Finance.

The Contribution on the Added Value of Businesses (CVAE) should thus begin to disappear from the beginning of next year. In 2021, this local tax had enabled local authorities to generate tax revenue of 9.7 billion euros.

This is why, when its removal was announced, the organization France Urbaine et Intercommunalités de France reacted strongly, regretting that it had not been consulted before this decision was taken. “We deeply regret that Bruno Le Maire has confirmed the total abolition of the CVAE from 2023 without any consultation with the communities concerned”, they had thus declared.

But in addition to this tax, the government also wants to continue cleaning up tax loopholes and inefficient taxes. Here are all the ones that should disappear in 2023.