On a visit to the Netherlands Groningen to Brussels on Tuesday, his first match in the FIBA Europe Cup in basketball and lost 75-63. 16 points and 12 rebounds for a strong Andell Cumberbatch could be that the defeat does not fix the problem.

in Brussels, was quickly 9-0 in the rear and was walking behind the facts. In the third quarter made it to the players and coach Serge Crevecoeur, still at the same level at 42-42, but it is not a long time to keep up with it. The final score was 75-63. For the Dutch, it was Donte Thomas, good for 26 points.

finally, the Following Wednesday will receive in Brussels for the fellow-countrymen of Spirou Charleroi for the third match of the european Cup. The first two of each group will be allowed to go in the second round.