As Bruno Le Maire’s latest novel was released in bookstores this Thursday, April 27, many people were shocked by certain lines written by the Minister of Economy and Finance. Very explicit erotic passages that were shared by the newspaper Le Point. Internet users have expressed themselves on social networks by criticizing the minister for not succeeding in managing inflation, the pension reform, and more generally the economic situation in France, but for having enough time to write a novel. Readers surprised by these writings were quick to give their opinion on the Internet, as is the case for a Twitter user who posted on the platform: “You surprise me that the Fitch agency rates us badly after this. »

His novel “American Fugue” tells the story of two brothers, Frank and Oskar Wertheimer, who leave New York to attend the concert of the famous pianist Vladimir Horowitz in Havana. This trip will completely change the lives of the two brothers. But then one can wonder why this novel is controversial. It is above all passages, published by Le Point, and photographed and then posted on the net by certain Internet users, which surprised a large number of French people.

The reactions of Internet users are due to a passage, where one of the brothers (Oskar) recounts his antics with a woman. It reads: “He sometimes lifted his pale gray t-shirt to show off his breasts. “Did you see how big they are today? Did you see, Oskar? “She took it off completely, revealing little red dots like mosquito bites in the hollow of her armpits. She had her back to me; she threw herself on the bed; she showed me the brown bulge of her anus: “Are you coming Oskar? I’m dilated like never before.”

Arousing mockery, it is not the only novel by the minister that has caused a stir. Indeed, Bruno Le Maire has been the author of a dozen books since 2004. One of them had also been controversial. Indeed, while Bruno Le Maire was an adviser to Dominique de Villepin (during Chirac’s second term), he published a novel entitled “The Minister”, which shed light behind the scenes of the missions of the head of diplomacy. In this book, he had mentioned passages from his own intimacy, recounting part of his trip to Italy with his wife Pauline: “I let myself be invaded by the heat of the bath, the light of the lagoon which came to float on the ice from the door, the green tea soap, and Pauline’s hand gently caressing my sex. ” A passage apparently written in a “naive” way and which seemed to him “touching”.

Responding to criticism of his pen and his time devoted to his novel, by Internet users but also by certain deputies such as Thomas Portes of La France insoumise, the minister spoke on social networks by explaining that: “Literature allows me to get away from everyday life.