Bruno (23) wants to be his friend, to prove how much he loves her, but fatal, off


A 23-year-old man was on Friday dramatically to life in A Bruno Bayer fell from the balcony of the apartment of his girlfriend, Sylvie, when he took her on his birthday, his love, and wanted to explain the difference.

Bruno Bayer was a Friday, just 23, but his birthday didn’t go off without a hitch. “He had quarreled with his girlfriend, Sylvie. Therefore, he wanted to go to her block of flats in the Rue Dieudonné Jacobs, , (in the Liège-suburb of Saint-Nicolas, editor’s note) , ” says the father of Michel Beyer, a well-known Liege restaurant, in It’s newspaper. “That’s why he asked me to get him to go to her, to show her his love, was able to prove it to you. It was half past five in the morning.” After he and his son had been dropped off, left, father of Michel, once again.

Then the young man decided that it was a good idea to have an apartment building with his girlfriend to stay with him. “I don’t know what happens when the head is gone. He had been drinking,” said his father. When he was in the balcony of the apartment of his girlfriend on the fifth floor was reached, however, the young man is a matter of time. “He does seem to be the railing, trying to grab hold of, but since it was raining, which was very wet. And he’s been death cases, he came up to his head. Sylvie called me twenty minutes after I had left, to say that an accident had occurred, and that Bruno had been made.”

The emergency services were on the spot, but there was no help for help.