New Bruce Springsteen Biopic in the Works: Everything You Need to Know

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Few musicians have captured the hearts of fans like Bruce Springsteen. Despite already sharing his life story through his memoir and Broadway show, reports have surfaced about the first official biopic of The Boss. The upcoming film will delve into the making of one of his most iconic albums, marking a significant moment in his career.

While specific details about the movie are still limited, various sources have provided some exciting insights that suggest it will be a treat for Bruce’s loyal followers. Here’s a roundup of what we know so far about ‘Deliver Me From Nowhere’.

When Can We Expect ‘Deliver Me From Nowhere’?

An official release date for ‘Deliver Me From Nowhere’ has not been announced yet. The project was confirmed to be in development in April 2024. Disney Live Action and 20th Century Studios President, David Greenbaum, expressed his excitement about collaborating with Bruce Springsteen on this venture.

Who’s Involved in ‘Deliver Me From Nowhere’?

Renowned writer and director Scott Cooper is set to write the screenplay and direct the film. Cooper, known for his work on movies like ‘Crazy Heart’ and ‘Hostiles’, shared his deep admiration for Bruce Springsteen’s impact on his artistic journey. The casting buzz around the movie hinted at Jeremy Allen White portraying The Boss, while Jeremy Strong was rumored to play Bruce’s longtime manager Jon Landau.

Jon Landau, in a statement, expressed his enthusiasm for the project and endorsed Scott Cooper’s role as the director. The entire team at 20th and Disney is fully committed to bringing this vision to life.

What’s the Plot of ‘Deliver Me From Nowhere’?

The film will explore the creation of Bruce’s seminal album ‘Nebraska’. Unlike his other records, ‘Nebraska’ has a stripped-down sound, with Bruce handling all writing and recording duties on a simple home recording setup. The album’s themes delve into darker subjects like death, crime, and economic struggles, featuring tracks such as “Atlantic City” and “Reason to Believe”.

Based on the acclaimed book by Warren Zanes, the movie will likely portray the events leading up to the album’s creation and its lasting influence on future musicians.

By delving into Bruce Springsteen’s creative process and the impact of ‘Nebraska’, ‘Deliver Me From Nowhere’ promises to be a compelling tribute to The Boss’s enduring legacy.