Although the fourth Jackass movie features many celebrity cameos it narrowly missed being nominated for an Oscar.

Bruce Dern is a six-decade veteran of Hollywood. His Oscar-nominated roles in “Coming Home” (and “Nebraska”), as well as his many collaborations with Quentin Tarantino have all contributed to his success. One accomplishment is still missing from his career: appearing in “Jackass” movies. The legendary actor tried to correct that mistake by contacting Johnny Knoxville to inquire about a possible cameo in the ” Jackass Forever.”

Knoxville, a shock jock on “The Howard Stern Show”, stated that Dern’s representatives approached him to express Dern’s interest in the “Jackass” franchise. Knoxville said he would love to cast Dern but the timing wasn’t right. “Jackass Forever had just wrapped production.

Knoxville stated that Bruce Dern had contacted them — someone had contacted me [saying] that Bruce Dern wanted to be in “Jackass.”

Bruce Dern is a great addition to any movie. “Jackass” fans won’t have to worry about the lack of cameos. Johnny Knoxville and his crew have assembled an impressive cast of guest stars, including Eric Andre and Shaquille Ol’Neal, Tony Hawk and Machine Gun Kelly, who will appear in the new tribute to men who injure themselves. Long-time cast members of “Jackass”, Steve-O, Chris Pontius and Jason “Wee Man” Acuna are also joining them. Rachel Wolfson, a comedian, joined the cast. She is the first woman to be a member of “Jackass.”

There may be some hope for Bruce Dern’s “Jackass Forever” dreams. Knoxville had previously insisted that “Jackass Forever” would be the end of the franchise. However, he indicated recently that he was open to making another movie. “After the first, we said that we were not going to make another. He said, “After two, we said that the same.” “So, I don’t know if there will be a fifth.” Bruce Dern will be the first to call if the stuntman wants to make a fifth film.