Thursday, October 7, 2021: On The Bold and the Beautiful today, a nervous Hope surprises Thomas, Thomas questions Paris and Steffy discovers that someone is in love.

Liam is agitated at the cabin because Donna has the children for an additional hour. Hope tells Liam that Ridge and her mom have invited him over. Brooke and Ridge arrive, and she is unable to understand why.

Steffy and Thomas are astonished at the Parisian charm of their office. Zende and Paris arrive, and he exclaims that he will not believe what happened. Steffy smiles knowingly at Thomas. They start to talk about how fun Dodgers games can be and then they begin talking about the funny times they had in their past. Zende interrupts and says they should have been to Paris. Steffy tells Thomas that they did and smiles at Paris. Thomas asks Thomas, “You were incredible!” They discuss how fortunate they are to have her at Forrester. Zende says that no one is more lucky than him. Zende kisses Paris and Thomas looks closely.

Brooke, Ridge, and Liam are confused at the cabin. Hope stammers and asks for their help. Hope hears something outside and opens the door. Deacon then walks in. He takes his bag out and says “Daddy’s home!”

Brooke and Ridge begin to panic as Deacon is supposed to be in prison. Liam decides to call the police. But Deacon tells him that he was released because of over-crowding. He claims that he had plenty of time to think, and that he has since reformed. Ridge and Brooke don’t buy it. Ridge wants to know how much it will cost to get rid. Brooke agrees to sign and asks Ridge to pay him for his freedom. He’ll always choose the easy road. Hope insists that her father did not just come to this place. “I invited him!”

Zende is at Forrester with Steffy. She marvels at Paris creating a space for herself at Forrester. Right now, she’s working with Thomas on design plans. Steffy agrees with Zende that she is amazing and observes her gushing. Zende says, “You’re really starting to fall for her.” Zende admits that it was initially scary because he is so used being single and free. But this is much better. Steffy jokes that Paris makes everything better. He won’t need his family’s approval for the first time. Everyone loves her! Zende reminisces about how stunned he was to see the woman singing at the ballgame.

Thomas, a designer, expresses his amazement at Paris’s willingness to sing in front of everyone at the ballgame. She tells us how she began singing in church, choir and once was a member of a girl group. Thomas wants to know what it’s like to sing with such depth. Paris describes it as feeling like she is able to open her heart and soul. It’s hard to explain, but Paris says it makes her feel happier and lighter. Thomas thanked Paris for sharing her story and invited her to sing at the Forrester launch. They both touch their hands and kiss each other when a file is dropped.

Brooke and Ridge are shocked that Hope invited Deacon to their cabin. Brooke is worried that Deacon will take advantage of the situation, especially if he drinks again. Brooke and Ridge laugh when Deacon requests time to prove that he has changed. Hope wants Liam to tell her father that he’s leaving. Hope knows they don’t want Hope to be hurt again. But she cannot send him away. Brooke questions Brooke, “Why not?” Hope replies, “Because I’m his father!”

Brooke and Ridge continue to try to convince Hope Deacon will harm her. But Brooke stops them and says that Deacon invited her to be there. She felt sorry for him and began writing to him. Deacon sends Brooke a set of letters. Brooke questions Liam about this. He had no idea! Deacon says that the letters were his lifeline. The letters from his daughter gave him hope that he could be a father again. Brooke laughs and says, “Oh, please!” Deacon tells Hope he loves Brooke. Hope screams at Ridge, “He’s playing with you right?” “Tell me, you know that!” Liam tells Deacon that he cannot just go there and brainwash his wife. Brooke declares that Deacon will not be a part her daughter’s lives. Hope is compelled to tell Hope, “Tell ’em honey!” Hope appears a bit bewildered. Brooke shouts, “Tell he!”