After the Gironde and the south of France, where the fires had many consequences, it is now Brittany which is plagued by many fires. Since Saturday August 6, Morbihan has suffered around thirty fires, in particular towards the municipalities of Locoal-Mendon, Questembert and Pluvigner. 430 firefighters were engaged in the fight against these fires, accompanied by 120 machines.

The prefecture of the department announced that these fires were brought under control in the evening and at night. “The last fires of Locoal-Mendon and Erdeven are under control,” explained the prefecture on Twitter. 75 hectares burned in these fires according to the prefecture. Following this success in the face of the fires, “the firefighters of Morbihan will gradually reduce their system” but “reinforced surveillance of the sites is put in place”, she specified. According to the prefecture, no injuries are to be deplored, but 300 people had to be evacuated to Erdeven.

In addition to Morbihan, Finistère was also affected by fires this Saturday, August 6, 2022. In a press release, the prefecture announced that “a few sources of fire have reactivated on the Monts d’Arrée” due to weather conditions and in particular “more sustained winds”. Indeed, two weeks earlier, fires had destroyed nearly 18,000 hectares of vegetation in this area.

This Sunday morning, firefighters were still on site to monitor the scene. The fire is well fixed but not yet under control according to the Finistère prefecture. It salutes the action of the firefighters but also of the farmers who are mobilizing to fix and extinguish these fires which threaten the vegetation but also their land. It is strongly recommended to avoid these sectors so as not to hinder the operation of the firefighters.

As a reminder, the majority of forest fires are of human origin. There are tips on how to avoid them.