a book about the moon? You can’t deny that there are very many children’s books about the moon. But it is also true that it can probably never be enough, because the moon is something that children’s early and lasting busy. If Britta Teckentrup in her new picture book, so the question of why the moon rises, then, is devoted to a major theme of Childhood. And is also in her Element.

Lena Bopp

editor in the features section.

F. A. Z.

Britta Teckentrup, born in 1969, has authored more than twenty books for children, of which several deal with the dark side of nature. The fog, the clouds, the night the are your themes, so for example in “at Night, when everything sleeps”. (2016) and in 2015 released the “All weather”. In your straight out of the English translated book “the moon – a journey through the night” on the moon in the Form of a recess, a hole in the paper, which is always round: As a narrow sickle of the moon casts a pale light in the forest, as the full moon, he has at the beach the turtles the way, and as a new moon, he leaves it up to the sky, the fireflies, the see the stars confusingly similar.

These tactile Gimmick was not the idea of Britta Teckentrup. She goes back to her English publisher, “Little Tiger”, with which the author collaborates, because she has long lived in London. But the cropped moon is good in Teckentrups functioning to integrate, because your pictures always look like collages, even if they arise with the help of the computer. The nocturnal landscapes of trees and cacti, the, radiate, because they remind us of the shadow cracks, something Sinister. Their surfaces are shaded. The wood is just held in dark, opaque colors like the desert sand, against the Backdrop of the bright colors of the animals stand out. Like in real life need to get used to the viewer’s eyes to this darkness. That is the Charming in this book – that it draws in a mood, which also arises in the light of day.