(Los Angeles) Britney Spears denies rumors of new album, vows to “never return to the music industry.”

In a post shared on Instagram on Wednesday, the singer said that if she writes songs, it’s “for fun, or for other people.”

She claimed that she had written more than twenty songs for other artists in the last two years.

She described herself as a writer, and added that she preferred it that way.

In her social media post, she called out those who say she’s turning to “random people to make a new album.”

This isn’t the first time Britney Spears has signaled she’s giving up on releasing her own music. In July 2021, while still under the infamous conservatorship that controlled her life, money, and voice for nearly 14 years, her longtime manager, Larry Rudolph, resigned, saying she did not had no intention of resuming his career.

Just after being released from conservatorship later that year, she said on Instagram that she was afraid of the music business and that not making her own music represented a gesture of defiance toward her family.

But the following year, she released the song Hold Me Closer, a collaboration with Elton John that spent 20 weeks on the Billboard chart, peaking at #6. Last year, Mind Your Business, a song with will. i.am, however, was less well received and failed to carve out a place on the Billboard charts.

Britney Spears’ last full-length album was Glory in 2016.

In Wednesday’s post, Spears also wrote that it was “far from the truth” that her bestselling 2023 autobiography, The Woman In Me, was released without her approval.