available In Gray, in the county of Essex, in the south of Britain, are Wednesday morning, with 39 bodies found in a vrachtwagencontainer. A Northern Irish lorry driver (25) has been arrested. He is accused of murder. According to the police, it would be the trailer, via Zeebrugge in belgium to Essex traveled. In our country, the federal public prosecutor’s office, an investigation has opened. This is also confirmed with our support team.


The police force in Essex, was by the end of Tuesday, around 1.40 pm called on the Waterglade industrial park in Gray. There were 39 bodies found 38 adults and 1 teenager. The bodies were in a semi-trailer that is supposedly in Bulgaria, from. May be it was a refrigerated container, and the temperature will fall to – 25 degrees celsius.

What is the container in Essex has been, and is not yet fully understood. The police will went down first, assume that the truck is over in Ireland, the United Kingdom, walked through the door. However, later in the day, they have the explanation with it.

The police, a distinction is made between the trailer and the container and the initiator of the pick-up truck. In the trailer, it is stated she was from the port of Zeebrugge in belgium we left for the port of Purfleet in the east of England. At a little after 1 a.m., she picked up the tractor from the North of Ireland, and for a long time on the way to Essex apply. There were 38 bodies have been discovered.

Because of the semi-trailer to Zeebrugge in belgium, it would have been crossed, opened up as well, the federal public prosecutor’s office, in our country, the research. This is also confirmed with our support team. “The first elements of the investigation indicate that the container has, through Belgium and Zeebrugge with a ship would be loaded,” said Eric Van Duyse, the president of the federal public prosecutor’s office in There.

“It is, however, far from clear as to how long the container is in Belgium, it’s been up to, or what path it has taken,” the spokesman said. “This is also about the exact cause of death, time of death of the victims, and the location of where they are in the container, it would have been, is still a subject of debate.” Preliminary, the study is still not judge claimed, however, that it may be one of the days to come remains to be done, according to the federal public prosecutor’s office.

According to the chief executive officer of the port of Zeebrugge Joachim Coens, the trailer will most likely be in Rotterdam, or Zeebrugge in belgium. “If the ferry is effectively managed in Purfleet, have been to Zeebrugge and Rotterdam are the only two options,” says Coens. Current research is in the port of Zeebrugge is still driving that on Wednesday, and was found in Essex, 39 lifeless bodies within their port has been passed. “We still have no definitive answer, but as the ferry, which is effectively managed in Purfleet, as the British police, claims that the ferry will only be out of Zeebrugge, belgium or Rotterdam, come,” said mr Joachim Coens.

Dirk de fauw, mayor, city of Zeebrugge, appeals to those initial messages. “Our companies have started to take up all of the bills, but it involved a truck, it is here, not there,” he says in HLN.be. “It is now taking a second look, but at the moment it is 90 percent certain that the truck via Zeebrugge in belgium is behind us and believed to be earlier in the direction of France.”

the Perpetrator is caught,

the is A North of Ireland man (25), the truck’s driver, according to local media, had been arrested and he is suspected of murder. The local police confirmed to the British newspaper The Guardian to the Mo, Robinson would go on. The photos on his Facebook profile that would be able to confirm that he is a truck driver, it is. It is possible that there is also a photo online of such a truck in Essex.

According to local media, the 25-year-old Mo, Robinson was arrested. (Photo: Facebook Mo-Robinson < / P> “really Tragic incident,”

Who are the victims, is at the moment unclear. “We are in the process of identifying the victims, but it can be a long process”, says the local police department. The park is located close to the main ferriehaven in the uk and was shut down by the police in the investigation, to be able to do it.

“This is a very tragic incident, where a lot of people’s lives have been lost. Our study is fully accrued in order to investigate what has happened here,” said chief of police, Andrew, Mariner in the British newspaper The Sun .

“I do get regular updates, and will be working closely with the police force in Essex, so that we will be able to determine what happened,” wrote the prime minister, Boris Johnson, is on Twitter. Also, the Interior minister, Priti Patel, said that she is shocked and saddened by the news.

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this is not the first time that this kind of tragedy from happening in the United Kingdom. In June 2000, which were in a truck at Dover, the bodies had been found, of 58 Chinese immigrants. A year later, a Dutch truck driver has been convicted of murder.

Photo: associated press