British opposition leader: Designated Corbyn May as a silly woman?


Has insulted the British leader of the opposition Jeremy Corbyn, the Prime Minister “stupid woman”, so as a silly woman? The members of my have heard, the sat opposite him on Wednesday during the “Prime Minister’s Questions” directly, so the Conservative. The incident is an outbreak of emotions, the long-standing observers unprecedented called. Numerous members of Parliament taken on the spur of the word and indignant about the fact that “the women have done for decades by men in this house accosted”.

Jochen Buchsteiner

Political correspondent in London.

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After the President of Parliament John Bercow wanted to take any action against Corbyn because he had seen with the comment “neither,” returned the rebellion against him. The Tory MP Anna Soubry accused Bercow, he had acted “promptly”, would have been formulated the insult on the other side of the house, on the benches of the Tories. The loud approval signaled that the allegation of partiality is widespread among Conservatives. A step further, Andrea Leadsom, the group leader of the Tories went. She asked Bercow, why he had never apologized to her, even though he had called but at the beginning of the year is also a stupid woman. To this end, Bercow did not want to comment, but at least he agreed to review video material and to clarify the “facts” in the case of Corbyn.

But the Material was just something for lip readers, what Corbyn made use of in turn. “He had mumbled stupid”, you could clearly recognize, but then, as a spokesman for the opposition leaders, don’t like the word “woman”, but the word “people”, which the Tory faction had been meant as a Whole. In the end, no one knew who was actually gone damaged from the affair: Corbyn or Bercow. Theresa May responded anyway left. It recommended that “in the year since winning the women’s choice most right to the one hundred anniversary”, “appropriate language” in Parliament.