What the members of the EU Parliament want to be the tiresome subject of disinformation, Lord, you have been in the late summer, in a Resolution made known: Who’s driving political campaigns in the network, should you disclose who paid for it and who is behind it. Still strongly under the impression of scandal around Facebook and Cambridge Analytica, the competent Committee majority argued for a high degree of transparency.

Because the transparency is sufficient in case of doubt, but only, in retrospect, to determine who is behind a disinformation campaign, should there be additional Pro-active measures. In December, the new action plan of the EU Commission calls on the member countries against the Background of over fifty by 2020 in Europe the upcoming elections for the active Action and Intervention.

homemade disinformation scandal

even the United Kingdom, according to the current state of things. There is a homemade disinformation scandal, which revolves exactly around this “active Action”, demanded by the EU-Commission is simmering. Under the guise of propagandistic Defense against Russia, a government-funded Social-Media-unit has operated a campaign against the Labour Opposition in the British Parliament. It is not the Russians or the Chinese, but the people that discredited the back of domestic political opponents.

officially, the task of the paid Social Media clickers, British citizen news with respect to Russia forward. This order is interpreted, apparently to the effect that they tried to back the opposition leader of the Labour Party, Jereym Corbyn, in a bad light. He was online, as a puppet of Vladimir Putin.