British fight racist heritage – “Let the fingers of our monuments”In the UK, the tensions between supporters and opponents of the statues of controversial personalities on the rise. The police feared a summer of unrest.Peter Nonnenmacher from London0 comment British heroes under fire: “Black Lives Matter”activists besieged last weekend, a Winston Churchill Statue in London.Photo: Keystone

In the UK, the voltages of protests and Anti-racism have increased demonstrations. During the movement, “Black is the removal of Dozens of “offensive” monuments calls Lives Matter” (BLM) was formed to “protection” of a strong and sometimes militant opposition. For Saturday’s associations with the radical Right from all over the country to action, “our monuments Defended” in London.

the meeting point is on the Winston Churchill Statue in Westminster Square, the previous weekend had been painted with Graffiti. The organizers of the action want to drop the anti-racists “in the Arm” and give them “a lesson” issue. Out of fear of collisions BLM spokesman called it off for the same day planned mass demonstration in Hyde Park. Individual Anti-racism groups want to ignore this but, and again, rallies to stop by London to pull.

The London authorities have responded to the protests: The Winston-Churchill-feature on Westminster Square is now surrounded by protective walls.Photo: Keystone

The Labour mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, has accused the “extreme Right”, to want to be with your parade the only “violence” provoke. The anti-racists, he appealed, “to ignore these people this weekend, and to stay better at home”.

police threatens with swift, harsh punishments

The police already “a summer of unrest” on the river Thames up to pull. The Anti-racism protests of associations was a Frustration on Lockdown and a rise in unemployment to a “perfect storm”, the worst possible constellation, the police Association said. Interior Minister Priti Patel warned the Anti-racism demonstrators, that any violation of applicable law “with all severity of the law punished” will.

the Minister of justice Robert Buckland ordered that the “star destroyer”, the “causing criminal damage” or police attacks, would be made within 24 hours prior to court. The magistrate courts in England, he requested to move to “fast-track procedure”. According to Buckland, the penalties for attacks to be doubled to police officers.

to come At the current “Black Lives Matter”protests that were largely peaceful, it was violence by smaller groups. 62 police officers were injured and 137 arrested in the last eight days. The Anti-racism had made movement overall, considerable success in this short span of time.

For the protection against destruction: the monument to The slave-dealer Robert Milligan is transported and then stored.Photo: Keystone

A previous Sunday lined in Bristol demo and in the port of tilted Statue of the slave-dealer Edward Colston should not return to their Pedestal in the centre of the city, but as in a Museum are placed. The monument of another big businessman and slave owner, Robert Milligan, was removed from the Museum of Docklands in London, in front of which it stood, in orderly manner and, once “stored”.

London’s mayor, Khan has appointed a Committee to classify all the monuments on the territory of the new, “in order to make for change of course.” A similar Review, as well as municipal votes have promised all of the Labour party-run municipalities in the United Kingdom.

“British History Matters”: The Statue of scout founder Robert Baden-Powell in Dorset will be guarded by a monument protectors.Photo: Keystone

among the controversial statues such as that of the Imperia Cecil Rhodes lists at Oriel College, University of Oxford, of the slave-carrier, and the critically-acclaimed pirate Sir Francis Drake in Plymouth and the first British Governor of Bengal, Robert Clive, made for the starvation of millions of people in South Asia are responsible. In many places, are now collected signatures for petitions calling for the removal of controversial monuments. In some cases, however, there are counter-petitions.

Robert Baden-Powell, founder of the scout movement, is under the suspicion of the Nazi vicinity.

In the port town of Poole in Dorset, were applied to citizens and scout leaders in Uniform and short trousers of the Statue of Robert Baden-Powell, the long-controversial founder of the scout movement, from which, among other things, it is known that he was a youth led with the Nazi-Regime talks about a closer connection to Hitler.

The town Council of Poole has now announced that he did not want to take the Baden-Powell monument until further notice “for safety” in custody, so it will suffer the same fate as the monument to Edward Colston in Bristol: “It is literally three meters from the sea and is at risk about the highest.” That was for the supporters of the scouts founder, but totally unacceptable. Their Slogan was “British History Matters”, British history, something has to apply. “Let the Finger of our monuments,” was the Tenor of the protests for the Status quo.

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