Should have hoped Theresa May, that the resistance against their “Deal” over the Christmas and new year’s day would be, she looked disappointed. As the British Prime Minister took office on Monday, the government in London again, she had to determine that their conflict with the Parliament on the withdrawal agreement with the European Union is frozen in the winter break. In the two Camps of critics – in the case of the supporters of remaining in the EU as in the case of the friends of a sharper-section with Brussels, the positions tend to harden.

Jochen Buchsteiner

Political correspondent in London.

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On Sunday May not be insured in a BBC Interview, that you postpone the vote on the withdrawal agreement (and the Political Declaration on the future of relations), but on Tuesday next week in the house of Commons wants to stop.

the government is optimistic

Meanwhile, officials from the UK and the EU to negotiate a possible extension of the withdrawal period. According to “Daily Telegraph” is considered the temporal extent of article 50, in order to have more room for negotiation, should be rejected, the exit agreement. A spokesman in Downing Street contradicted the report on Tuesday and reiterated that Britain, the EU as planned on may 29. March will leave.

Although there is still no majority in favour of the “Deal” emerges, to exercise the government’s optimism. Kwasi Kwateng, Secretary of state in the Brexit-the Ministry said on Monday, a week in politics is a “very, very long time.” Without the approval of the agreement, that May with the other EU heads of state and government in November had signed, not in force, which raises questions as to Alternatives. May warned that the Nation would enter in this case is “uncharted territory”.