British American Tobacco was forced to lay off over 2,300 jobs, was under the staff tomorrow and be informed


Dilbeek –

British American Tobacco (BAT) will light up on Friday with the staff, as in Belgium and Luxembourg, on the plan of the company in order to globally, over 2,300 jobs are to be eliminated. At 11.00 hrs, at Groot-Bijgaarden for a staff meeting-place, in order to 14.00 hours of the particular entity.

“British American Tobacco Belgium, confirms that, today, the head office of British American Tobacco P. L. C., as a program, has announced that the business would facilitate a more efficient, more agile and targeted at the BAT, wanted to create”, says a press release. “The freed-up resources will be reinvested in the development of a range of new products such as the e-cigarette. The goal is to have at 2023-24, a turnover of 5.6 billion euros in, these new products.”

100 jobs).

The program will have an overall workforce of 2,300 lost jobs do to downsizing, especially at the management level, and will to a large extent been carried out by January 2020. “It’s the largest number of jobs were disappearing at the level of the head office is in London,” says Government Affairs manager, Filip Buntinx. The Belgium and the Luxembourg of workers on Friday were informed of the plan.

if you are BAT in Belgium, working for a hundred or so full-time equivalents, ” says Buntinx. They are working on the site in Groot-Bijgaarden, where the operations in Belgium and Luxembourg, to be managed. It’s not the workers on the site of the Houses, which are going to close it. Of those 39 workers, it can be a five or visit the office in Groot-Bijgaarden.

According to Filip, Lemberechts of the act of union membership, it is currently impossible to evaluate what the impact is on the Groot-Bijgaarden and will be.

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