After a two-day pilotenstaking to British Airways about the airline on Wednesday that there might be a few days of discomfort for the passengers. “Almost half of our fleet of 300 aircraft and more than 700 pilots and 4,000 cabin crew will start the day in a different place than the” heard on the British tv channel BBC.

According to British Airways, so it will be some time before the flight and again at this point will be. At Brussels Airport Wednesday morning, one of the incoming and outgoing flight is cancelled.

on Monday and Tuesday due to the strike in almost all of the flights operated by British Airways, was canceled. Customers who are affected will be able to choose to have their tickets refunded and to get my flight to herboeken. The strike is the company-estimated to be 40 million-pound-per-day cost.

The pilots would once again strike on the 27th of september, but the board is hoping to avoid a new negotiation to start with.
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