Watford-Captain is not trained – “Bring-old son, my five months in danger”On Tuesday, the Premier League Clubs have taken the team training again. However, without Troy Deeney, whose small son has difficulty breathing.Laura Inderbitzin0 comment Watford striker Troy Deeney speaks to concerns about his son and his Health.Video: match room Boxing via Youtube

Since Tuesday, Arsenal, Manchester City, Chelsea and co. have re-United in the Premier League team are allowed in the training with the necessary hygiene measures again. However, a Captain of one of the 20 Topclubs was away from the training Restart.

Troy Deeney, who has been playing for almost ten years for Watford, stays at home. “This week we wanted to start again. But I’ve already made it clear that I’m not coming,” he explains in the British Youtube-sports-show “Talk the Talk”.

The 31-Year-old is worried that everything is going too fast and that the hygiene measures to be taken against Corona are inadequate. “My son is only five months old, and respiratory difficulties – I don’t want any more to put him in jeopardy,” says the father of two.

It only need one Person to infect all others, and this risk he did not want to take. “I would without having taken a shower after the workout, and the sweaty Jersey after coming home. That is, the probability that the Virus comes into the house, would grow,” said Deeney.

In his decision, the team training, to omit, would have appeared to the numerous open questions. According to the striker, the likelihood of developing Corona is, for Black, Asian and ethnic minorities is four times and for a long-lasting disease is twice as high. “Whether, therefore, additional Tests and investigations are made, could tell me, but none of the people responsible.”

From bricklayer to football Pro

If he does not have this information, then he does not want to expose yourself to the risk. He says: “I can only get in mid-July, a hair cut, but I can now be with 19 people and a Header make? I don’t know how this is going to work.”

The Watford Captain, is currently the only player known to have, he’s missed the team training out of fear of the Coronavirus. In Germany or in Switzerland, have thrown up until now, all the professionals. But Deeney was in his career, has always been someone who stands out.

“I was an ordinary problem child, and chased girls.”

“The accidental footballer” named him the “Sports Magazine” once. The Englishman grew up in a rundown suburb of Birmingham, in difficult family circumstances, and was constantly on the border crime. As an 18-Year-old, he had no formal education and worked for a low wage as a bricklayer. By the way, the Teenager kicked in an Amateur Association.

“It was never my goal to be a professional footballer,” says Deeney, “I was an ordinary problem child, and chased girls.” But then a game with his Amateur club changed his life completely.

in 2006, he scored in a game of seven goals – and the less hung-over, according to his own statement – and impressed a random present of a talent scout. And in a sustainable manner. The Scout gave the young footballers sample training, and Deeney came via Walsall (at the time 3. League) 2010 Watford. There he was in the last years to a figure of identification.

Troy Deeney scored this season, six goals for Watford, and is thus, together with Ismaïla Sarr Topskorer of the club.Photo: Richard Heathcote/

Watford could cut his for him the reward because he misses the Training, so Deeney. “I used to be also broke to me so no matter”, says the striker, whose market value is currently approximately 6.5 million euros, “but I will not put my family in danger.”

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