The First Lady does not have an ordinary life… And she is the one who says it. The status which is hers, she explains in the columns of Figaro Madame, necessarily influences what it is possible for her to do or not. For fear of exposing her family, including the President of the Republic, Brigitte Macron is particularly vigilant, she says, about what she expresses… or does not express.

However, the story that the First Lady tells our colleagues is not limited to this single aspect. She also discusses the values, around which she was built in childhood… and the terrible accident she had to face when she was only eight years old at the time. This moment, she informs, proved to be particularly structuring and for a long time upset the way in which she was able to build her way of life. “I am deeply convinced that death awaits us at every moment, so nothing else exists except here, here, now. I’ve had this in mind since I was 8 years old,” she says.

“I have the impression that we don’t have time, that we have to go quickly. What you don’t do now, maybe you never will. It is also the carpe diem of the Circle of Dead Poets”, continues the former teacher, in front of the microphones of our colleagues.

It was a road accident, which occurred when she was just eight years old, that changed Brigitte Macron in this way. She unfortunately lost one of her sisters during the tragedy, recalls Le Figaro Madame. This is not the first time that she has spoken about it, recalls Public. “My big sister killed herself in a car accident, with her husband and the child she was carrying. I was 8 years old. She is with me every day of my life”, she thus detailed in the past.