Brigitte Macron in a swimsuit: the photos you will no longer see


Do not expect to see the First Lady in a swimsuit. As Femme Actuelle explains on her site and on the basis of information from Gala (edition of August 2, 2022), Brigitte Macron no longer wants to be photographed while she is bathing or about to do so. Such clichés should therefore no longer appear in the press, explain our colleagues. This does not mean that the program of the former teacher will not be loaded! For the summer of 2022, which she intends to spend in Brégançon alongside a husband made studious by all the files he has to follow, she intends to find the time to do some hiking. Brigitte Macron should also chain the routes by bike, diving, or cooking, indicates the weekly women’s.

“When we go swimming, there are the paparazzi. Sometimes it’s good to put on a swimsuit… But you can’t put on a swimsuit in front of everyone”, explained the First Lady in 2019, in front of the microphone of Marc-Olivier Fogiel, on RTL. Words that illustrate the problem that Brigitte Macron may have with the publication of unauthorized photos… As has been the case in the past on the cover of Paris-Match.

In order not to be seen again in bathing clothes, the former professor will therefore be able to count on the new swimming pool of the Fort. It cost no less than 34,000 euros to build and is 10 meters long and 4 wide. It is about one meter 20 deep.