Sea, Sex and Sun! Four words made popular by Serge Gainsbourg in this summer track that you must have already heard in a nightclub, on warm summer evenings at the beach. For moviegoers, you think of the music from the credits of the film Les Bronzés, released in 1978.

Between the first emotions, summer love affairs and languid slows, cinema and summer have often gone hand in hand during the holidays. So why not combine the useful with the pleasant within your couple during the summer period? Interviewed with Planet, Brigitte Lahaie assures that it is the right time to rekindle the flame in a relationship.

“On a biological level, we have the libido more on edge than winter,” explains the star of the film One Last Time. “The sun is an element that makes you want to. I know we’re lacking a bit of it at the moment… And then generally, we have a little more time. Fatigue is a real handicap to the libido”.

On a winter’s evening, when you ask your partner for a hug and he (or she) replies ‘excuse me, I’m tired’, it’s not an empty word, “c ‘is a reality”, for the ex-star of X movies. So there’s no point in insisting! “In summer, we have more time to rest, the weather is better, it’s the most favorable period for sexuality”, assures us the sixty-year-old host. To add a little spice to your couple, the cinema can help you satisfy some of your fantasies… but is it really necessary for everyone?

Dreaming of giving your husband a sexy Dirty Dancing style dance? Every night, do you imagine yourself in the arms of Emmanuelle or Christian Grey? However, the idea scares you, just to think about fulfilling this fantasy with your partner… Don’t panic!

For actress and host Brigitte Lahaie, it’s a fairly common process for couples to use the cinema to boost their libido on a daily basis. “It is quite possible in the intimacy of the couple… Even if some feel a little guilty to fantasize about someone else with their partner”, she explains to Planet.

Before specifying. “I reassure all the time by saying that the fantasy is not acting out. But that often bothers the person (a little).” So if your couple is not cautious about trying role-playing games, taking inspiration from a few films to liven up your month of July, August and September, Brigitte Lahaie reveals her filmography for a night of optimum love.

If your couple is not shy and is fond of the pornographic genre, Brigitte Lahaie advises you in particular Le sexe qui parle, by Claude Mulot, released in 1975. “A porn film of course, but which is in the comic register and which is quite affordable for everyone”, according to the French star, in this feature film with the explicit title following the intimate adventures of a couple. Or La Clé, directed by Tinto Brass in 1983, which is a real erotic film for the sixty-year-old actress.

For hardcore movie buffs, there are also classics like Nine 1/2 Weeks (1986), made popular by Kim Basinger’s ultra-steamy striptease opposite Mickey Rourke on the hit “You Can Leave You Hat On” from the crooner Joe Cocker, the film Histoire d’O (1975), adapted from the eponymous erotic work published by author Pauline Réage, or the famous Emmanuelle saga carried by actress Sylvia Kristel.

However, Brigitte also tells us that she can be seduced by a film “tremendous on what it says”. Like La fiancée du pirate with Bernadette Lafont (1969), “a fairly old film that denotes female freedom long before its time”, for the actress. Among her classic films, she also cites Roger Vadim’s And God Created Woman, with Brigitte Bardot (1957), Belle de jour (1967), her fantasy film Caroline Chérie (1951), La Flesh et le sang by Paul Verhoeven (1985 ) and Les Valseuses (1974). References specific to the actress and writer, which you can add to your selection for your romantic summer sessions…