For the past few days, the French actress Brigitte Bardot has been at the heart of all concerns and for good reason, according to the magazine France Dimanche, she was hospitalized in Toulon for “respiratory failure”. She would have stayed several days “in intensive care” and would have been prescribed “at least three weeks of convalescence in the establishment”.

Despite this medical recommendation, the 88-year-old star would have preferred to leave the establishment to return to his haven of peace, La Madrague, “after four days”. Still according to our colleagues, Brigitte Bardot would suffer “serious after-effects due to her breathing difficulties and, no doubt, lack of blood oxygenation… cognitive disorders affecting oral expression and writing would handicap her so severely”.

Faced with these new revelations, Yves Bigot, general manager of TV5 Monde and biographer of Brigitte Bardot, was the guest of Touche not at my post this Tuesday, May 2. Close to the artist, he gave his news. “We tell her we have to go to the hospital, it bothers her, she has no desire to go there and she has only one idea, it’s to get out of there as soon as possible”, had -he explained and added: “Hospitals, she knows, she has undergone a very large number of abortions, so she knows what the hospital is, she knows what physical and moral suffering is which accompanies it”.

Press officer Fabien Lecoeuvre was also worried about the star, who is a fervent animal defender with her Brigitte Bardot Foundation. “She is a huge icon. So the fact that we know that she is almost 89 years old, that she suffers from respiratory failure, that she escaped from the hospital because she a real personality, a strong head, all that makes us all a little worried”.